More Dropbox/Apple SPAM

I am always reasonably impressed (so to speak) with SPAM that is well written enough that at least makes me stop and think about it. 

I got another one today from Apple.

I initially saw the email on my phone so I didn’t see as many details as I do now that I opened it on my computer….However as it was sent to the email address associated with my AppleID I did have to stop and process it for a minute.



As you can see, it doesn’t have any clear typos.  The only odd thing was that the salutation included my email address instead of my name.

If you look at the “from” line though, it is clearly not related to Apple.

In addition, if I moused over the “review your subscription” hyperlink, there shouldn’t be a short link there…instead you should see a legitimate URL.



Please continue to “think before you click.”

Another Ransomware Outbreak is starting to spread…

Good afternoon everyone:

There is another Petya/NotPetya Ransomware outbreak that is starting to spread in Europe today.  I have not heard of it hitting the US yet, but that doesn’t mean it won’t.

It is using the same vulnerability used by WannaCry which is the lack of a Windows patch that was released in March/April.

For those of you who I currently monitor and maintain, you have that patch installed on your respective machine(s). This doesn’t ensure your complete protection, and you should continue to be very vigilant regarding opening attachments or clicking on links that look questionable.  Rule #1…if it looks fishy, it probably is.

For those of you who would like to make sure the appropriate patches are installed please email me at jeremy(at) if you have any questions on how to determine if you are fully patched.

As always please continue to remain attentive to emails and attachments from unknown sources.  if you aren’t expecting the email, then don’t open it!

More safe computing….Dropbox alert….

Hi all…

In my ongoing series of reminders to “please pay attention before you click” I know a number of you use Dropbox.   I wanted to alert you to a new instance (at least from what I can remember) of Dropbox SPAM.

The good thing is this email showed up in my Junk E-Mail folder, but some of you might have less restrictive junk email settings than I do.

The email came in with a subject line of “Dropbox Reminder – Casey Smith has shared a document with you.”

Uh, I have no idea who in the world who Casey Smith is (and the email didn’t come to the account associated with my Dropbox) but I decided to review it anyway.

The first giveaway was once again the actual “from” address: has nothing to actually do with Dropbox.


To humor myself, I moved the email out of my Junk Email folder into my inbox so I could see how many formatting errors there are in  the email and associated hyperlinks.


1)  whatever photos were linked to this email were not viewable.

2) “view file” being hyperlinked seemed suspicious (as well as the </p> after it). When I placed my mouse on the link, it’s clear that is ALSO not dropbox related.

and…to me…it just LOOKS like its formatted in a funky, unprofessional manner…

Once again…reminding us all:

1) If it looks fishy…it probably is…

2) If you aren’t sure about the links…place your mouse over the hyperlinked area.  You will see where the link will really take you.

3) When in doubt, ASK the person (or business) who sent you the email if the message sent to you is legitimate.


Thank you for taking the extra few minutes to continue to practice safe computing!!!

and I am not even a member…

Considering that I got this phishing email and I am not even a Netflix customer, I am guessing that some of you who ARE Netflix customers might see emails like this too.

Before you get concerned, and click on any links in the email….three things that never hurt to be reminded about…

1) check the actual email address that it came from…as you can see below, this is NOT from netflix.

2) before you click on any link, place your mouse on the link and the actual URL will appear.  As you can see below, does NOT have nextflix anywhere in the website address!

3) If you have any doubt, CALL the vendor.  They will give you the real answer.




Your Apple ID has NOT been suspended….

I have already seen a few of these fake emails today, so I thought it would be best to issue a reminder.  Since the email is extremely similar to the one I documented in the previous blog post…the link with more details is at the bottom of this post…

The short version is PLEASE pay attention to links before you click. 

The “from” email address in these fictitious emails is not a legitimate apple email address.


The website where you are sent to “validate your account information” is NOT a valid Apple website


You can read more here:

Businesses don’t text you either…

To follow up on my post yesterday, I got an email from a client who wanted to let me know she recently received a text from Wells Fargo saying there was something wrong with her credit card.

She did her due diligence…and called Wells Fargo customer service (don’t call the number back in the text or give out your information!!!) who confirmed there were no problems with the card.

So this is another reminder to please take a moment to think about the contact just made to you (by email, by text…one of those scammer phone calls) and PLEASE don’t give out your information without confirming

directly with the company that this is a valid issue.

Attention to detail will save you major headaches in the long run…

Are you excited about the new IPhone 7(or in my case iOS10)? me too…but don’t get too excited…

Scammers always try and take advantage of big events…(as we know)

I updated my Iphone to iOS10 on the first day it came out….yesterday I downloaded a new app(a free one though)…

and today I got an email saying my Apple ID has been suspended…wait…what???

Looking at the text of the message…it looks a little fake (a little too formal)…but I have never received an email like this from Apple before…


Ok…time to keep digging….the first red flag was that it wasn’t sent to the email address associated with my Apple ID…ok…this email address could be my backup address….but rule #1…start checking hyperlinks.

1) look where the email came from….don’t think this is a legitimate apple Email Smile


2) I checked the link to “click here to validate your account information”…yeah, maybe not…


But the simplest answer in any situation like this…is if you aren’t sure….CALL THE VENDOR DIRECTLY.  Don’t click on the links.

Why does my wireless connection keep dropping?

So the one thing that has been bugging me recently since I upgraded my laptop to Windows 10 was that my wireless connection from time-to-time would keep dropping out.  Almost on queue.  It seemed like every hour or so.

For a while I thought it was related to the location I frequent regularly…but it started happening elsewhere. I tried updating my wireless card driver (I thought it could be an issue there because it took some searching to find windows 10 compatible versions)….nope, kept happening.

So I did some more digging….and lo and behold it may be a “buried” power setting….

Occasionally I work places with no power, so I switch to my extended battery life setting (or something comparable).  In doing my research I was pointed to a buried setting.


Under wireless adapter settings there is a power saving mode setting…from what I am reading…maximum power not only has a lower transmit rate, but if you are idle, it could conceivably disconnect to save power.  So if you are having wireless issues…this might be a place to look. You should definitely look into adjusting the settings for your various power plans you utilize on a regular basis.

Some Update Reminders…

Hi all…

There are two updates that came out this week that have brought some things to my attention…that I thought I’d share with all of you…

For everyone:

there is a Java Update that came out this week…you will all see the update icon in your system tray.

When you proceed with the install, you will see the newest attempt for an unwanted addtion…the next screen provides an “optional” offer to install an Amazon Assistant


But it’s just that….OPTIONAL….

You can uncheck the three boxes and continue with the install.

For Windows 10 users only:

There was a “major” windows update that came out this week…Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64-based Systems (KB3147458)

When the computer reboots, you see all sorts of references to Yahoo…lovely…more things added we don’t need…

It appears that search engines might have been changed to Yahoo by default (at least it was for me)..that’s something you might want to check on after the update.