It’s been a while since i’ve written a post.  With things being a little quiet right now, it’s time i got back into this…and explaining some of the changes in this update that will be available for your machines (and in the case of my clients, installed on your machines) soon seemed like a good topic today.

If you want to read more about the changes in this update you can click here. I will hit on three notable changes (at least to me)

1) It appears the “control panel” is going away.  None of the features of the control panel will be, but i know i am a regular user of it since Windows 10 rolled out(i’m old school). All of the settings will still be available but you will just have to get them via other methods.



2) Some of you have mentioned to me how you don’t like those annoying alerts that keep appearing in the lower right hand corner of your screen (well, the email alerts aren’t THAT annoying Smile ). It appears that those alerts are going to be disabled by default moving forward.

3) Last but not least…there will be a change to your start menu.  There will be more “theme aware tiles” which will mean the application icons should look better.  This is not a huge change, but some of you might notice the visual difference.  You can review the article and how to change it back if so desired.


I hope this provides you with a basic overview of some of the more noticeable changes.  For those of you who I support, you will get the usual heads up from me about a “noticeable update being deployed to your machines.”

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