MIcrosoft Phishing emails

In the last few days, i have gotten a few phishing emails from Microsoft about my Office 365 Business Essentials account about to be invoice is ready…things like that.

Well I USED to have a a business essentials account, but that has long since been deprovisioned so this smells phishy….

I did confirm in my office 365 portal that i had no accounts pending deletion or anything like that so then I started doing a little digging.


There are some clear red flags here…

Not only is the actual address the email came from clearly different from the “from” address but Outlook even noticed it as well “The actual sender of this message is different than the normal sender…”

and once again…if you hover the mouse over the hyperlinks you can confirm the URL first and none of the hyperlinks in the email below direct me back to a microsoft website.


If you are not sure what you are seeing….ALWAYS check with the source first before you click anything.  If it looks phishy, and smells phishy…it’s phishy.

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