More Dropbox/Apple SPAM

I am always reasonably impressed (so to speak) with SPAM that is well written enough that at least makes me stop and think about it. 

I got another one today from Apple.

I initially saw the email on my phone so I didn’t see as many details as I do now that I opened it on my computer….However as it was sent to the email address associated with my AppleID I did have to stop and process it for a minute.



As you can see, it doesn’t have any clear typos.  The only odd thing was that the salutation included my email address instead of my name.

If you look at the “from” line though, it is clearly not related to Apple.

In addition, if I moused over the “review your subscription” hyperlink, there shouldn’t be a short link there…instead you should see a legitimate URL.



Please continue to “think before you click.”