Another Ransomware Outbreak is starting to spread…

Good afternoon everyone:

There is another Petya/NotPetya Ransomware outbreak that is starting to spread in Europe today.  I have not heard of it hitting the US yet, but that doesn’t mean it won’t.

It is using the same vulnerability used by WannaCry which is the lack of a Windows patch that was released in March/April.

For those of you who I currently monitor and maintain, you have that patch installed on your respective machine(s). This doesn’t ensure your complete protection, and you should continue to be very vigilant regarding opening attachments or clicking on links that look questionable.  Rule #1…if it looks fishy, it probably is.

For those of you who would like to make sure the appropriate patches are installed please email me at jeremy(at) if you have any questions on how to determine if you are fully patched.

As always please continue to remain attentive to emails and attachments from unknown sources.  if you aren’t expecting the email, then don’t open it!

More safe computing….Dropbox alert….

Hi all…

In my ongoing series of reminders to “please pay attention before you click” I know a number of you use Dropbox.   I wanted to alert you to a new instance (at least from what I can remember) of Dropbox SPAM.

The good thing is this email showed up in my Junk E-Mail folder, but some of you might have less restrictive junk email settings than I do.

The email came in with a subject line of “Dropbox Reminder – Casey Smith has shared a document with you.”

Uh, I have no idea who in the world who Casey Smith is (and the email didn’t come to the account associated with my Dropbox) but I decided to review it anyway.

The first giveaway was once again the actual “from” address: has nothing to actually do with Dropbox.


To humor myself, I moved the email out of my Junk Email folder into my inbox so I could see how many formatting errors there are in  the email and associated hyperlinks.


1)  whatever photos were linked to this email were not viewable.

2) “view file” being hyperlinked seemed suspicious (as well as the </p> after it). When I placed my mouse on the link, it’s clear that is ALSO not dropbox related.

and…to me…it just LOOKS like its formatted in a funky, unprofessional manner…

Once again…reminding us all:

1) If it looks fishy…it probably is…

2) If you aren’t sure about the links…place your mouse over the hyperlinked area.  You will see where the link will really take you.

3) When in doubt, ASK the person (or business) who sent you the email if the message sent to you is legitimate.


Thank you for taking the extra few minutes to continue to practice safe computing!!!