Why does my wireless connection keep dropping?

So the one thing that has been bugging me recently since I upgraded my laptop to Windows 10 was that my wireless connection from time-to-time would keep dropping out.  Almost on queue.  It seemed like every hour or so.

For a while I thought it was related to the location I frequent regularly…but it started happening elsewhere. I tried updating my wireless card driver (I thought it could be an issue there because it took some searching to find windows 10 compatible versions)….nope, kept happening.

So I did some more digging….and lo and behold it may be a “buried” power setting….

Occasionally I work places with no power, so I switch to my extended battery life setting (or something comparable).  In doing my research I was pointed to a buried setting.


Under wireless adapter settings there is a power saving mode setting…from what I am reading…maximum power not only has a lower transmit rate, but if you are idle, it could conceivably disconnect to save power.  So if you are having wireless issues…this might be a place to look. You should definitely look into adjusting the settings for your various power plans you utilize on a regular basis.