“No longer supported….”–wait…what?

So it has been announced today that Windows 8 will no longer be supported by Microsoft.  There will be no more security patches or technical support…

But wait…my office still runs Windows 7…an older version.  Is that still ok? Do we need to run out and upgrade to Windows 10?

Windows 7 has actually left “mainstream support” – However that does NOT mean it is no longer supported.  It is currently in extended support.  Yes it’s an older operating system but still has “more” support than Windows 8.  This may appear a little confusing…let me try and explain.

Microsoft’s first “level” in their support lifecycle is what is called “end of mainstream support.”  What this simply means is just that you can not receive any free help for an issues anymore.  There will also be no new features or product tweaks.  Once a product leaves mainstream support it goes into the Extended Support Phase.  During that time you will still receive critical security patches.

Why has windows 8 passed it you ask? Well the question is if you have Windows 8 or Windows 8.1? Are you confused even more now?!

Windows 8.1 is actually the first major update to Windows 8. If you are current on all of your operating systems updates, you should have had an opportunity to update to 8.1 a long time ago (it was not through windows updates though…I will save you from that confusion for now).  If you are on Windows 8.1, that is NOT “windows 8” Smile and you are ok.  That’s where Microsoft wants you to be.

To summarize:

If you are currently running Windows 7…you are OK.  Extended support will continue until 2020.

If you are running Windows 8, there will be no more security updates.  I would encourage you to update to 8.1

If you are running Windows 8.1 you are still under mainstream support.

..but why haven’t you upgraded to Windows 10 yet….after all it’s free….and you have 30 days to “change your mind” and rollback to Windows 7/8 if needed.