cutting right to the point…more potentially malicious email…

Hi all…

I will cut right to the point…to follow up on the Chase email I wrote about recently, I got two emails in the past 24 hours about “overdue invoices” and to please pay the attached invoice immediately (and it was attached in a zip file). yeah right!

PLEASE pay close attention to the emails you get during the holidays.  One of the methods of madness is to get you when you are distracted.

what? distracted during the busy holiday season? go figure….

ALWAYS review the email closely before clicking on ANYTHING…if you are not sure what it is, check directly with the company!

That is all…back to your Christmas music….Smile

A Holiday Reminder…

Now that December is here…and Black Friday/Cyber Monday has come and gone…I am sure many of you are going to be doing more online shopping looking for that elusive perfect holiday gift.

This is also going to mean there will be an inevitable rise in malicious emails during the holidays…

So here is my friendly reminder to please be on the lookout for those fraudulent/”scareware” emails and things to look out for so you can catch them!

(and this in fact is an email I got this AM…which was a perfect reminder to send this!)




1) ok…so I do business with Chase Bank…but look at the email address it’s coming from…I don’t think is a legitimate chase address!!!

2) the email is addressed to “me” – say what?

3) I put my mouse over the link to “log on” – you can ALWAYS do that with ANY email to confirm the website you are being redirected to…I ask you…does that link look AT ALL related to Chase Bank?

My first rule is “if it looks at all suspicious…it probably is” – so please take a moment to read emails like this closely to determine their legitimacy before you act on them!


Happy Holidays!!!