Uh oh…ITunes…this has to be important right??

I have a throwaway account that I use when I have to register on a website with an email address…(something I encourage to minimize how much SPAM you get). I hardly ever check this account.  Periodically I go through it and clean it up.  I found this email (in the junk email folder already so I knew it “had issues”) but it caught my attention.

Many of use have IPhones….and use ITunes almost religiously…(well I hope you are, and backing up your IPhones and IPADs!)….

I saw this message from Apple.  I KNOW my ITunes account is associated with a different email address, so this couldn’t be real anyway. Upon further evaluation, I could see it really wasn’t FROM Apple…and would you trust a company with such a poorly written email?


I was also able to confirm the “click here” link takes me to website nowhere close to an Apple website (without actually clicking the link!).

The moral of today’s story…Please continue to pay close attention to your emails.  If it looks suspicious, it probably is…If you think it’s legit but are not sure, check with the vendor in question directly…don’t just click the link to “see what happens.”


Have a great week!