Things you find on a coffee shop free wifi network…

There is a coffee shop i routinely work from where my MIFI has intermittent connectivity so i occasionally need to use their wifi network until my MIFI comes back online.

I needed to temporarily switch over to their network, and look what popped up!!

well…i know my computer is not infected…and this “critical alert” has so many flaws it’s amusing…and NO, i did not click “ok” (because that’s probably when the malware will be downloaded to my computer)..but it was so humorously bad i thought i’d share.

This is a good example of scareware though…if you don’t take the time to think through what you are seeing, you might be scared enough to do act on it.



Another Fun Friday!! enjoy your weekend!!!

just a reminder…”optional” is just that…OPTIONAL

There seems to have been a recent update to Adobe Flash Player…so I want to remind everyone of the bundled software that gets installed if you don’t watch what you are doing…

Google Chrome…and Google Toolbar…

there are both “optional” offers by Adobe…but notice, they are optionally CHECKED.  If you DON’T want Google Chrome as your default browser, and you DON’T want Google toolbar for Internet Explorer installed (I wouldn’t install it!), then I’d suggest paying close attention and UN-checking both boxes before continuing to “update now”