Storing Files on Your desktop- I’m not just a broken record :)

Most all of my clients have heard my “company line” about saving files and folders on their desktops. I have very limited control over being able to retrieve them if needed…they can potentially slow down logging on to your profile (and if your profile ever gets corrupted for any reason, those files might not be retrievable), and it just leads to clutter! J

Here is possibly another way to look at this issue…and some options (both from a “home user” and “business user” angle)

Where did my toolbar go in Office 2013??

Many of you are now using Office 2013…and I ran across something recently that i think would be a good reminder to all of you…

So your Outlook window normally looks like this at the top: (and is the same for Word and Excel)

But what happened if it suddenly looks like this?

Or you are going to type a new email message and no toolbars are there…

What has happened is you have accidentally double-clicked on any one of the menu options (file/message/insert, etc.) which hides the toolbar. If you double-click on any of the menu options, you’ll get your toolbar back

Note: I am showing you screenshots in Outlook 2013, but this also holds true for Word 2013 and Excel 2013.