this may only apply to people in PG&E Territory…but there could be more…

Find the number of things wrong with this PG&E Scareware email i got last night (one got through, a few of them were caught by my spam filtering program).


1) if you look at the “from” address after “PG&E” – i doubt that’s legit…

2) when have you ever seen a “total amount due” that doesn’t have BOTH digits after the “.”

3) click here??? yeah right…once i put my mouse over the “click here” hyperlink…i could see that URL clearly WON’T take me to my most recent statement.

I have always gotten my statements from PG&E via snail mail….for those of you who read this outside of PG&E territory…i doubt you get your bills via email either…Don’t fall into the “scareware” trap and open this email!!!


BOLO for some obvious SPAM

It happens every year….there are some blatant SPAM attacks out there that make the rounds through the Interwebz…and people still check Snopes every year, ask their friends, ask me :), and some even unfortunately still fall for them.

I’m hear to try and help to set the record straight for you on a few of these….
* as always, if it looks odd…or looks too good to be true….there’s probably something wrong, and DON’T OPEN THAT ATTACHMENT.

1) Hey what a surprise….i got a package…no, it wasn’t a package that couldn’t be delivered. That’s malware.
2) What’s this about Paul Walker?? when a celebrity passes away, some “less than sincere” individuals try and capitalize on some people’s sensitivity….If its not from a friend…don’t read it! 🙂
3) Notice To Appear…This is a new one this year…again, another “scareware tactic” to prey on people who get nervous easily…Don’t open it.

You can read more here: check out this All Spammed Up Post on SPAM