Watch where you click…the 2013 version (or it is ok to “decline” something and still proceed)

So it’s been a while since I have posted something…I had to move my blog to a new location and need to work on my mailing list.

But today brings you another case study in “please watch what and where you click…”

I have spent the last day or so helping a client clean out a malware/crapware incident…someone needed to play a video with an .MTS extension..this person did her research and downloaded a program she thought would help…turns out there has been a whole lot of extra crap (browser add-ons, etc.) that got loaded so not only do I need to find a better solution, but I’ll have to clean up her computer….

So I set about this AM to find a resolution…turns out for Windows XP you need a codec for the extension to be played in Windows Media Player..Ok, I found what I was looking for and started the install process.


I got to step two of the installation process, and the software wanted to install the AVG toolbar…ok, no big deal..I selected custom installation, unchecked the two check boxes, and went to proceed.


What I did NOT see the first time around, was the “skip all” option.  even serves ME right for not reading the fine print

So the “crapware install” continues, I’ve never head of “WebCake” before, but if you read the details in here…yeah, right…I really want this…but YES I can decline and move on!


but wait there is MORE…once I click NEXT, I got ANOTHER pop-up for “add lyrics” – never heard of this either…but, just decline it and continue!



and ANOTHER?! what the heck is Wajam??? I soldier on…



But wait…there are still MORE options…Dealply? I direct you attention to the two highlighted sections…”dealply is a free, safe & friendly app…” and “dealply is a browser add-on…” –um, tell me the last time ANY browser add-on was SAFE AND FRIENDLY?? Smile



So I am done…right??? NO! the last bit of insult to injury…an attempt to install Norton Security Scan…


but I had no problem UN-checking the checkbox and proceeding….


So the moral of the story is I was able to get this codec installed after all of that “declining.” Please, please, please read the fine print and watch what you are installing! it doesn’t hurt to try declining something and proceeding if it’s something you really don’t want installed!!!